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We must have a say in the new Cannabis policy.

Business owners in the cannabis industry face unique challenges - most notably, the emergence and implementation of complex laws and regulations regarding how our businesses should be managed. As this sector continues to grow exponentially around the globe, we must have a voice when policymakers develop these laws in Oklahoma. That's why joining a professional association of cannabis-related businesses is so important if you're looking to ensure optimal success for your company. Not only will membership provide much-needed advocacy in policy, but it will also provide access to resources, including networking opportunities and industry trends. By uniting our voices as members, we can make powerful statements about what needs to change or stay precisely the same in our sector – becoming part of an incredibly influential group can put us at the forefront of conversations surrounding emerging legislation related directly to cannabis businesses.

Now it is more important than ever for professionals in the field to have a voice in shaping new policies. Those working within the industry have a unique perspective and valuable insights to help lawmakers make informed decisions. By actively

engaging with policymakers, professionals can ensure that new regulations and laws are fair, effective, and supportive of a thriving industry. An active advocacy role can also help further destigmatize Cannabis and promote its medicinal benefits. As such, professionals must stay informed, be proactive, and work collaboratively with lawmakers to advance the industry. Seemingly small policy changes can significantly impact our lives, so we must be able to express our opinions and concerns effectively. By having a say in policy changes, we can ensure that our industry moves forward in a way that will help everyone involved.

Members of the Professional Cannabis Association, it is our responsibility to prioritize the needs and safety of the public. We must strive to continuously improve the industry, from the cultivation and production processes to the distribution and sale of cannabis products. We must uphold high standards and best practices, educating ourselves a

nd our colleagues on the latest developments and research within the field. By working together and committing to the betterment of the industry, we can strengthen the reputation of Cannabis and ensure that it is viewed as a legitimate and beneficial asset to society.

More states across the country are recognizing the benefits of medical Cannabis. It's becoming increasingly important for each program to be the best it can

be. And Oklahoma is no exception. With an extensive medical Cannabis market, Oklahoma has an opportunity to set itself apart from the rest of the nation by having the best program possible. This would not only benefit those who use medical Cannabis for various medical conditions, but it would also stimulate the state's economy and support job growth. But what would it take for Oklahoma to have the best medical Cannabis program nationwide?

It'll require a robust regulatory framework, the implementation of best practices, and a commitment to education. With these steps, Oklahoma can lead the charge regarding providing safe access to medical Cannabis for those in need.

As the cannabis industry grows, more stakeholders than ever are calling for a policy change. This can be a great force for good, improving the industry and making it safer for everyone involved. Professionals in the cannabis industry have to be at the head of this call for reform and take an active stance in policy-making. We must recognize our responsibility to strengthen our industry for the public, so Oklahoma needs the best medical cannabis program nationwide. Forming a Professional association is paramount if we manage this monumental shift toward positive reform. If you are passionate about ensuring everybody has a voice regarding policy changes, join us in building a solid Professional association today! Let us unite as an entire industry and be part of something bigger than ourselves - something that will empower us all to become changemakers of our destiny.


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